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Problems with EasyGerb... The boundaries don't fill, they are just drawn with round traces, but my circles do fill?

Thanks for your question. 

You simply need to tell ACE to "Fill Closed Polylines (FCB)" and then create composite layers (i.e. assign Dark/Clear areas for islands and holes within a polygon), please refer to the composite section of EasyGerb Help Manual. 

Here's a tutorial movie (no sound showing the exact steps to take):

Note:  For example on the Top layer, all you need to do is put entities that will be "Clear" (i.e. Hole) on a separate layer called "TopClear1" (or whatever you want to call it), and if there are additional islands (i.e. dark areas) that go inside the the TopClear1 layer, then create another layer called "TopDark2", etc.  The when starting EasyGerb, press the button "Merge Layers".

Note:  We have many other examples in the EasyGerb user forum discussing composite merging.  When starting EasyGerb you should see a box called "Ask A Question".  Simply type composite and press enter - you will instantly see all DXF

Lastly, if you're intersted in Automating the composite layers, than I would recommend "ACE Translator 3000" - it is a bit more expensive than EasyGerb but it has a feature called "DeEmbed" which will automatically figure out what should be dark or clear based on whether it existing inside of another polygon boundary -- you do not need to create additional layers.  Here's a tutorial showing ACE 3000 in Action:

Note:  During DXF Import, just check the Layer Option "De-Embed" for any metal layers and all Dark/Clear areas will be automatically detected.

Feel free to send us your sample file, and we'll be happy to create a tutorial movie showing me convert it to Gerber.


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