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I have a 4 layer board. Layer 1 has components and traces as does layer 4. Layer 2 is the ground plane and layer 3 is the power plane. On one of the chips on layer 1 I have a pin that has a short trace to a via to the power plane and a pin that has a short trace to a via to the ground plane. I want to swap then so that the pin that goes to power will go to ground and vice versa. How do I change which plane the via go to? I have been looking through the support pages with no luck. I hope this is an understandable explanation.

Thanks for your question.

The best way to offer support for this question, would be to send me the sample workspace file (*.wrk) so I could instantly determine how to solve the problem.  If not, a screen capture may also help me fully understand your requirements.

You can change which plane the Via goes to by either adding a Thermal Aperture Pad (which connects Via to Plane) or Round Aperture Pad (which prevents a via from touching metal on the plane).   If your Planes are Positive, then you will have the add the Pads as "Clear".

Here's a tutorial of me adding both a Thermal Pad (Connect to Plane) and Round Pad (No Connect to Plane):


Thanks again, and let me know if that helps.



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