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My PCB fabricator requested the following:
For future can you please send silk screen gerber file with line dcode so we can load the layer very fast and we can export the layer fast as well. If we use line dcode in designing and also we can get better silk screen quality.

I had been giving them polygons to make up text. I had them send me gerber with the dcode. I converted it to .dxf, then back to .gbr. Now it's polygons. Is there a way to get text into the decode format like my fabricator requests?

Also, I tried converting Autocad text. It seems to error and skips over the text

If you wish to have "line text" make sure to use the AutoCAD SHX fonts (like txt.shx).  If you use TrueTypes (like Arial, Romans, etc.) than a Polygon will be generated -- because that's how TrueType fonts are defined (as outlines only).


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