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Could someone please describe Centroid import settings in FAB 3000 v7.6.2?
I.e. "Rotation" and especially "Angle Origin". I have an idea but would like to verify it.

Numerical Support Team
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Thanks for your question.  

The primary purpose of the Centroid File is to program the Pick-n-Place (PNP) machine. However there is no standard format, and many PNP manufacturers have different definitions for both the Component Angle Origin, and rotation direction.

Angle Origin:
FAB 3000 default is at 3'O clock.  This is where 0 degrees is defined.  Some pick-n-place machines set their origins at 12'O clock, 6'O clock, etc.  So if your Centroid file uses a different non-standard angle origin, you can allow FAB 3000 to correctly transform the angle during import.

Say a centroid file was generated for a PNP machine where 12'O clock was the angle origin.  If a component is said to have 0 degrees rotation on that centroid file, then when importing all components will be off by 90 degrees - because FAB 3000 considers the origin to be a 3'O clock.  By changing the "Centroid Import Setting - Angle Origin" value to 12'O clock - FAB 3000 can now adjust and add 90 degrees to all rotations in the file.  Thus 0 degrees on that centroid file is really considered 90 degrees to FAB 3000.

Rotation (from Top side):
By default the rotation is counter-clockwise.  Some PNP machines use rotation as clockwise.  

Say a centroid file was generated for a PNP machine where rotation was given in clockwise direction. Thus if a component on that centroid file is rotated 90 degrees, it is really considered 270 degrees rotation to FAB 3000.


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